Greentree ERP

One Platform,

13 Product Suites, 84 Modules… Fully Integrated.

Reliability, Flexibility, & Cost-Effectiveness – meet Greentree. Innovative ERP software for more than 30 years.

Greentree prides themselves on getting to know their customers through a business partner network. Then understanding their needs and providing them with a solution that 99% of the time is available straight out of the box.

Mid-sized businesses have to be nimble; take on new challenges and open new markets, while having sophisticated demands and limited budgets.

Greentree believed there was a need for business software with extremely wide and deep functionality, designed to be rapidly implemented and deployed, easily maintained, and cost-effective.

Our range of powerful business software is now driving a hugely diverse range of companies, and more are signing up all the time.

Greentree Product Suites

Greentree ERP Software is designed to make businesses more effective and more profitable.  

All modules are in one complete platform, simply turn-on the ones you need.

Financial Management

Accounting and business management tools to manage, and improve the bottom line.

Customer Relationship Management

Protect and future your customer relationships.

Supply Chain & Distribution

Gain confidence in your entire supply process, from order to delivery.

Human Resources & Payroll

A full set of tools to better manage personnel throughout the business.

Service Management Software

Eradicate risks, maximize service levels, and effectively maintain equipment.

Job Cost Management

Manage job and project costs with greater efficiency and profitability.


Made for manufacturing. Demands, production, material, and resource planning at its best.


eBusiness empowers your customers and staff to get what they want, when they want it.

Mobile Solutions

Equip your remote teams with the access and the information they need to be successful.

BPM & Workflows

Built in intelligence to connect the dots, create efficiency, and increase accuracy.

Business Intelligence

Live data at your fingertips, the way you need it to get a total view of the business.


Wide range of tools and an open design to give you the reporting and analysis you need.

Browser Capabilities

Do you have sales or service staff in the field? Do you operate a warehouse? Our mobile business applications can return up to 400% ROI.

Technology & Platforms

Enterprise level technology for your security, deployment, and integrations.