Agribusinesses are becoming increasingly crucial worldwide.  It isn’t just small, family-run farms any longer; the agriculture industry has transformed into large, modern business models.  From farm equipment, pesticides and fertilizers, seed supply, crop and food storage, farm production and processing, financing, food delivery and marketing, to research and development, one thing is common across all these: the use of modern technology, specifically an ERP system.   With the use of this type of technology, agribusinesses have optimized every process and are finding more efficient ways for everything.

Agribusiness Challenges and Opportunities

Uncertain times bring not only new challenges, but new opportunities. Having access to both historical and real-time data gives you the insight to tackle challenges head-on and change with the times.  To remain profitable, agribusinesses must be able to anticipate and accommodate things like supply and demand variables. Scaling production is one area every agribusiness should be looking at.  Do you know where you can automate processes, reduce waste, and increase efficiency, while freeing up resources?

 Global demand for food is expected to double by 2050.  Can you keep up?

Growing your business isn’t the only variable to think about.  Sure, maybe you can keep up with the demands but is quality going to suffer?  Consumers and regulators are calling for increased quality standards and better traceability methods.  Without a reliable, efficient backbone system, farming and food manufacturers will have a hard time meeting changing compliance requirements and certifications.  Now is the time to make sure you have a modern solution in place.

Why ERP for Agribusinesses?Basket of Eggs

The use of a modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is crucial for any business.  This one system can bring all your agribusiness activities together, giving you a single point of truth for your data:  accounting, sales, purchase, inventory, and other business areas.  Because modern ERP systems are scalable and future ready, they have helped leading companies achieve profitability and sustainable growth.

With an all-in-one ERP solution, like Acumatica, you can streamline every process from procurement to production to distribution. Modern ERP solutions are scalable, helping you to maintain efficient business operations, ensure product quality, track costs and accounting, and manage your supply chain and distribution. Many agribusinesses have also seen benefits such as, an increase in value, achieving trade efficiency, enhancing internal collaboration, and improving business analysis.

Take a look at some of the features a modern ERP system can do for you:

  • A holistic view of all financial reports
  • At-a-glance, unlimited dashboards to manage your business
  • Real-time inventory and resource tracking
  • Farm-to-table traceability
  • Geo-mapping and scouting options
  • Crucial reporting, from revenue analysis to budgeting
  • Peace of mind security – protection for your data
  • Tracking and enhancing compliances and regulations
  • Trend analyses and predictions such as weather patterns
  • Easily track all details – crop planning, scheduling, procurement, inventory, lots, etc.
  • True mobile app: get real-time information from the field

Tractor in the field

Can I Afford an ERP Solution?

Growing your business, scaling for the future, staying up on regulations and compliance, and ensuring top quality isn’t easy, but what is it going to cost?  I know you’re thinking a new ERP system might be too big for your budget but think again.  There are many options for every size business.  Additionally, by having accurate and timely data, you can better control costs associated with production, especially labor costs, and get the highest profit for your products and services.

Galeforce Consulting Partners understands the complexities of the agribusiness industry. With over 20 years of experience, we have supported and provided custom solutions for agribusiness firms of all sizes.  Whether you are small and starting up, or mid-sized and growing, we can provide solutions to make your business operations more efficient.

We can help your business grow with the times, while controlling costs and staying in compliance.  All you need is the right, modern ERP solution.  Take a look at how we helped American Meadows thrive with Acumatica.