Whenever I write about cyberattacks, I like to Google the latest big attack and write a piece on it. There is always an article or two I can link to. Well, when I Googled “cyberattack” this time…

Let’s just say that there is plenty of breaking news on the topic from which to draw. With all that turmoil, it’s easy for companies to feel separated from the danger and immune to risk. Let’s look at some misconceptions we’ve heard from our customers and other SMBs regarding their current cybersecurity needs.

I’m Too Small for a Hacker to Target Me

Our blog has covered this, but it bears repeating: no business is too small to be victim of a cyberattack. Bad actors assume (often correctly) that smaller companies aren’t as adequately prepared to deal with attacks. According to Cyber Security Magazine, approximately 43% of significant cyberattacks targeted small businesses, and 61% of SMBs reported having an attack in the prior calendar year. 61%! Attacks are getting more sophisticated and wider-reaching; it almost isn’t a matter of if your company will get attacked, but when.

And then: what are you able to do about it? Join us on 3/24 for a webinar with Aegis IT, where they will walk us through 5 simple ways to secure our data.

Our Data Is Not Hosted in the Cloud – On-Prem Is Safer

Computer SecurityOn-premise servers often mean on-premise backups; all of your data is stored only in your environment. So let’s assume that you are diligent with your backups, as long as they’re still subject to the same security framework as your main database, attackers can easily thwart it. Oftentimes, they encrypt the backups first, rendering them completely useless by the time you notice you’ve been compromised.

Cybersecurity is Too Expensive

No: cyberattacks are too expensive. There are plenty of cost-effective but high-impact steps that all companies can take to ensure they are prepared in the event of an attack, or can easily recover from one. A sound security strategy, a disaster recovery plan, and backups outside your environment are all ways that a small- to midsized business can affordably build a framework for business resiliency.

Take the First Step Towards Securing Your Data

Analyze your risk. Aegis IT is a trusted Galeforce partner, and they offer a simple risk assessment tool, as well as a host of other managed IT services. Ilya Rubinshteyn, Aegis’ President and Chief Compliance Officer, will be presenting a series of webinars on securing your data and mitigating risk in these times of cyber turmoil.  Join us!