Construction businesses everywhere struggle with cost control, disconnected billing systems, inefficient workflows, poor compliance management, reporting visibility, and more.  A connected, easy-to-use ERP solution can help you manage your resources, tools, and equipment seamlessly, all in one place. Learn more about the common issues our clients come to us with, and how we help solve them.

Common Construction Industry Problems

Managing a construction business is one of the most complex businesses and requires a lot of coordination. Between teams, vendors, and customers, time sensitive tasks and delays can wreak havoc in your project plan.

A well-designed construction and project-based ERP solution can help you to optimize plans for raw materials, efficient use of labor, architectural designs, project schedules and more. Our customers love the way we help them:

  • Eliminate disruptions and cost escalations.
  • Manage projects end-to-end in one system, including:
  • Contracts
  • Commitment
  • Subcontracts
  • Purchase orders
  • Change orders
  • Retainage
  • Service management
  • Field workers

Reporting is something we hear about from all our construction industry customers. Inaccurate reporting and lack of real-time data have been the major reasons for delays in construction projects. Without this critical information, construction businesses are unable to determine pre-calculated estimates for accurate use of raw materials, minimize or eliminate production issues, shorten inventory, and more. Accurate reporting improves profitability and productivity across the board.

Communication between office and field teams can make or break your business.  Many construction firms report having organizational silos, meaning information doesn’t flow easily between departments.  Without this real-time communication, controlling costs, change orders, expenses, etc. can easily get out of control.

Additionally, construction firms typically use six to 10 software applications in tandem with their main accounting system. If these applications are legacy systems, they probably aren’t very well integrated—if they’re integrated at all. As a result, the entire staff will have to jump between screens just to perform routine tasks.

Construction Focused Solutions

Construction Circle

Download the Acumatica Construction Brochure and learn how to connect field, office, and remote workers in real-time.

Take a look at how easy it can be to bring your business real-time, mobile functionality. The ability to share information easily across departments is crucial for your business.  With a Construction-focused ERP, you can connect your accounting system to all of your back-end  processes.  Easily gather information in the field and share it live with everyone who needs the data.  You can even take pictures in the field, update inventories on the spot, approve change orders and submit expenses all while out on a job site. This allows the back office teams to generate accurate and real-time reports, calculate materials and labor costs and generate bill of materials, track project metrics from start to finish while maintaining document control for change orders.

An all-in-one ERP platform connects every part of your business—from budgeting to project management, purchasing to inventory, and field service to customer management. Automate change order and project issues and communicate with field staff, subcontractors, and vendors in real-time. Gain company-wide visibility of costs, budgets, projects, commitments, schedules, and contracts— allowing for tighter project controls and saving time and money. Modernize construction workflows with real-time task views, CFMA benchmarking, AIA reporting and billing, compliance management, daily field reports, and certified payroll.

Now is the time to discover what a connected cloud ERP solution can do for you and how streamlining the exchange of information in your business can help you to succeed.

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