Take the guessing game out of your business.  If you have multiple, disparate systems of data, or don’t have real-time data at your fingertips, read on.  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, like Acumatica, is providing the tool every small to mid-sized business needs to base their business decisions on insight, not instinct.  This can make or break your business especially in today’s competitive landscape.

Critical Reporting with One Click

Long gone are the days of compiling data from multiple systems and departments, then trying to piece them together to analyze to get a current picture of the health of your business.  With Acumatica, you have a single point of truth and reporting is at the click of a mouse.  All your critical information is in one system, which gives you access to current dashboards and reports so you can easily identify your strong points and weaknesses.

Acumatica’s built-in reporting features are flexible for any business needs.  Reports are multi-dimensional by sub-accounts with segmented keys, have built-in security by roles, and are easily customizable.  They go far beyond balance sheets and cash flow statements, and you can break down the information into smaller pieces to even view items by color, price, size, location, etc.  This gives you instant ability to quickly spot problem areas and trends so you can act immediately.   Check out this quick video overview on reporting and dashboards in Acumatica.

Acumatica Reports

Additionally, with reporting in Acumatica, you can:

  • Schedule reports to run as needed.
  • Generate signed PDF documents.
  • Customize reports with your own branding and images.
  • Create reports in real time and apply filters as needed to get only the information you need now.
  • Use Generic Inquiries to access data for your reports and then share that data with other applications for more analysis.
  • Tailor report information by role.

Better than Reports:  At-a-Glance Dashboards

What could be better than reports?  Dashboards!  Dashboards color code your business based on charts, graphs, a KPIs.  Red to draw attention to an area to look closer at.  Green means doing great.  Acumatica dashboards are for everyone in your business.  For example, the information needed by shipping and receiving is different than the information needed for sales or the executive leadership team.

Acumatica Dashboard

Any way you can imagine visualizing your data, you can see it with dashboards:

  • Charts (line, column, bar, etc.)
  • Data tables
  • Data from external sources
  • Power BI tiles
  • KPIs
  • Shortcuts to Acumatica forms, reports, and dashboards
  • And more

Acumatica Mobile

The best part, all this real-time, clickable data with drill-down features is available on any mobile devices.  Acumatica was built on a true cloud platform.  It was built in the cloud, for the cloud.  So, it just works as we need it to.  No longer do you have to have add-ons or fight with apps to get them to work on a mobile device.

Better Decisions = Better Business

Do you have the tools to make better decisions on insight?  Do you know what data you need to track?  Is it pulled together in real-time reports and dashboards?  How do you make sound business decisions?  The answer to these questions will tell you if you need a new tool for your business.  If you’re unsure, try these things:

View your data in different ways

Gather the data you need and try to find patterns and trends.  Once you do, try other visualizations, missing and matching to provide a variety of views and find the most comprehensible overview you can.  Some trends can only be revealed through a line graph, while others are more visible in a pie chart. The more places you look, the more you’ll find.

Let the data guide you

Don’t manipulate the data to fit your preconceptions.  Keep an open mind and evaluate all the information before jumping to conclusions.  Allowing your assumptions to influence your decision making without the backing of solid and sound data patterns will put your business on the track to failure.  Analyze your ERP data with an open mind and evaluate all the information.

If you can’t get the insights into your business’s data, it is time for a new ERP solution.  Download Acumatica Datasheet on Reporting and Analytics.  

And, learn more about Acumatica and how it’s helped other businesses like yours.  Download the story of how Acumatica helped American Meadows achieve success.