5 Signs You Need a System to Connect Your Construction Business

5 Signs You Need a System to Connect Your Construction Business

Eliminate Silos, Improve Collaboration, and Increase Project Success with Acumatica, the Cloud ERP

Many construction businesses don’t have the right tools in place for good collaboration and sharing information between departments.  This results in poor project outcomes, going over budgets, not being able to manage change, and not staying within timeframes.  These firms are working with disparate systems, causing organizational silos and departments not knowing how it impacts the business.

Does Your Business Have Silos?  5 Things to Look for…

  1. Information doesn’t flow smoothly across your organization—and your entire business suffers as a result.
  2. It’s difficult to determine which projects are profitable.
  3. You worry about lack of visibility on labor costs—one of the most expensive variable components of a project.
  4. You have numerous external systems that don’t integrate, resulting in manual data entry and the errors that go with it.
  5. You’re running older technology that limits transparency, access, and process improvement.

In a recent study, construction firms reported they use, on average, six to ten software applications along with their main accounting system.  Most of which have little integration with each other.

The Dangers of Silos in Your Business

Many businesses suffer from disconnected systems due to their legacy software.  For example, departments might be using different spreadsheets, or stand-alone applications to complete their tasks.  Does your business use different software for estimating, accounting, project management, bid management, and project scheduling?

What about reporting.  Are you getting instant reports with ALL the data?  If you have to pull reports from multiple systems and then collate them together, you’re not only wasting time but also leaving your business prone to errors.

Disconnected ERP ComponentsBy having all these different systems, it causes silos of information.   These silos become a problem because teams develop tunnel vision and only focus on their own functional areas.  They lose sight of the big picture and never think about how their work affects other people in other departments.  With this sort of communication breakdown, dysfunction is soon to follow on multiple levels.

Additionally, for construction firms, having information in multiple disconnected systems causes all sorts of problems when we talk about a smooth customer experience.

There are few things more frustrating to a busy construction professional than using software that doesn’t provide a single customer view and real- time insights. Unfortunately, most customer experience teams have no way to arrive at a single customer view—and without this, they can’t fully understand each customer and provide them with a personalized experience.

Move to the Connected Cloud

Welcome to modern ERP.  Cloud ERP solutions give you a complete end-to-end solution.  You gain a single source of data for your business.  Everyone from field techs to accounting has access to real-time information they need, including customer data.

With a connected cloud solution, you can:Connected ERP Components

  • Connect your accounting with your construction business.
  • Generate reports showing the percentage completed for projects.
  • Calculate material and labor costs and generate a bill of materials.
  • Track projects from start to finish while maintaining document control for change orders and other documents.
  • Track inventory and help with your service business in scheduling, dispatching, and managing work orders.

Imagine your construction business having exchange of information between office employees and people out on job sites.  When remote employees uses the mobile app and makes changes to RFIs, timecards, or project issues, the system automatically updates and syncs back to the system.  Your entire workforce has access to the information the moment it changes.  You can rest assured that important issues can be addressed immediately, before they cause costly delays.

Learn more about Acumatica and how this right-sized, right-priced, full featured ERP solution can help your construction business make money and keep customers happy.

Download a short 3-page article on why you need a connected system for your construction business.

The Importance of an ERP Solution for Agriculture Businesses

The Importance of an ERP Solution for Agriculture Businesses

Agriculture and farming businesses are complex and need an Enterprise Resource Solution (ERP) to fit specific industry needs.  Agribusinesses needs a solution to manage not only bookkeeping and tax planning, but also procurement, production, operations, and distribution.  It also needs to be scalable, something that can easily accommodate your growing business.

One popular ERP choice for many agribusinesses is Acumatica.  This modern, cloud ERP solution handles everything you need from maintaining business operations, to ensuring product quality, comprehensive accounting needs, inventories, supply chain management, and distribution.  With this single platform all your departments work together, accounting, purchasing, sales, inventory, HR, and other administrative areas.

Does your ERP solution do all this?

  • Essential reports, out-of-the-box, with drill-down capabilities for all your financial information
  • Dashboards for at-a-glance, real-time information
  • Anywhere, anytime, any device access
  • Comprehensive inventory management for spoilage, accurate counts, and more
  • Efficient resource utilization methods
  • Best-in-class data storage and security
  • Unlimited user licenses, including a vendor portal
  • Optimal forecasting of resources to better manage and scale production
  • Adaptable system for business compliances, new regulations, and protocols
  • Seamless integration with hundreds of applications and an open-API platform
  • eCommerce ready

Acumatica for the Agriculture Industry

Look at how Acumatica has helped these Agribusinesses grow their business, keep customers happy, and increase profits.

“For the first time in years, everything is reconciled and up-to-date. We were never fully reconciled with the old system. Now, with Acumatica, we can see accurate information for our whole business, it’s always up-to-date, and we only have to look in one place.”  ~ Dr. David Gnad, Veterinarian and Partner, Nebraska Vet Services

IMG Enterprises

This citrus farming business in Florida switched from Microsoft Dynamics to Acumatica, saving them time and money:

  • Reduction of ERP-related programs from 14 to 4
  • Improved connectivity and productivity for staff through remote access
  • Time and money savings from greater operational efficiency
  • Web-based system will allow quicker disaster recovery

Read the IMG Enterprises Success Story

Wild FlowersAmerican Meadows

A Vermont based popular online retailer of wildflower seeds, perennial plants, flower bulbs, and vegetable seeds to consumers and corporations in North America.  Acumatica provided them a solid foundation for growth.

  • Eliminated duplicate entry into multiple systems, saving employees time and reducing errors
  • Gained a single solution to operate the business, unifying operations
  • Acquired accurate and real-time data with a fully integrated ERP solution and online store
  • Leveraged dashboard reporting for improved insights into financials & operations
  • Increased customer satisfaction with greater transparency into the end-to-end ordering process

Download the American Meadows Acumatica ERP Details

C&O Nursery

Supplier of finished fruit trees out of Washington.  Acumatica helped solve their problems with inventory and accounting systems working together.

  • Connected business systems, streamlining operations and saving time
  • Improved inventory management, conforming to the way C&O does business
  • Gained flexible Payroll system that solved for seasonal agricultural worker requirements
  • Provided online inventory access to customers & sales team, improving customer service
  • Improved traceability and tracking of commissions and royalties for ease of audit
  • Eliminated manual duplicate data entry & errors, gaining time to focus on higher level tasks with efficiency

Read how Acumatica Helped C&O Nursery

Cornell Cooperative Extension

A land grant non-profit in New York implemented Acumatica to help gain real-time insights into grants, programs, and operations.

  • Automated manual processes, empowering employees with self-service capabilities and saving countless hours
  • Improved reporting responsiveness and eliminated long wait times with real-time information
  • Boosted employee productivity and reduced onboarding and training time with an intuitive application
  • Implemented a robust financial platform that flexes to support how non-profits operate, handling fund accounting and grant management with ease
  • Achieved a connected platform to support ongoing growth and fulfill its mission, improving the lives of New York residents

See Why Cornell Cooperative Extension Chose Acumatica ERP

Kelly Products, Inc.

A holding business for 13 diverse agribusiness brands needed a solution to connect and manage their entire intercompany business.

  • Automated financial reporting, inventory transfers, vendor, payments, cash management, and inter-company transfers across multiple related companies
  • Reduced time from two months to one week for month-end close
  • Provided real-time access to critical financial data
  • Connected internally developed inventory system to accounting system, eliminating manual entries performed by multiple data entry staff
  • Gained real-time access to inventory data
  • Flexible platform with access to scores of third-party products

Read More About Kelly Products & Acumatica

Bunch of SheepPremier 1 Supplies

Online supplier of livestock equipment needed a flexible and comprehensive system to replace their old Sage Mas500 system.  Acumatica was the only one that fit their needs.

  • Access to the open API framework of Acumatica
  • Gained access to company data throughout the organization
  • Displayed real-time customer information, increasing sales opportunities
  • Cut time to receive reports by three days
  • Developed B2C customizations and workflows in house, avoiding the expense of outside development & customization

Learn About How Premier 1 Uses Acumatica

Nebraska Vet Services (NVS)

NVS experienced rapid growth and needed one, single solution to manage all their branches, inventory, business needs, and scale easily for the future.

  • Seamless operations with one fully integrated system
  • Unlimited user licensing allows more staff involvement with the system
  • Automated order system provides real-time visibility of all inventories
  • Time savings of 3 – 4 days per month when updating inventory pricing
  • Intercompany transaction process saves time in manual data entry and bookkeeping work

Discover NVS’s Growth from Switching to Acumatica

See how Acumatica can help your agribusiness.  Contact us today for more information and a free demo of the best-in-breed, agribusiness ERP solution.